5 questions with Nicky Moore, Delivery Manager at SBS

1.       What is the favourite part of your role?

As much as I love building products, I adore building teams. When a team is working in harmony, and members are passionate about their contribution, producing great work is easy. A Delivery Manager plays a big part in setting the tone and creating a positive culture. I love that! 

2.       What makes you proud to work at SBS?

I’ve worked with many big media companies over the years and had varying experiences at each. SBS has always been uniquely focused on employee wellbeing. Not just putting up posters in kitchens, or running courses to encourage acceptance and diversity, but demonstrating its core philosophy in the types of people they recruit, and the standards expected of employees day-to-day. 

SBS encourages you to be better, not just a productive employee. 

3.       What are you currently working on?  

I manage EDS BAU (business as usual) and Mobile teams so our work can vary from Sprint to Sprint. Currently, the BAU team is ramping up for Tour de France 2021, whilst the Mobile team is working on a major update for SBS Radio across iOS and Android devices. 

Product Managers from both Sport and ALC teams have been listening to our users and we’re excited to deliver new features that they will enjoy. 

4.       What is your career highlight working at SBS?

It’s got to be how my teams responded to the COVID pandemic in 2020, not only creating an award-winning SBS Multilingual Coronavirus portal with ALC but contributing to Tour de France being the most successful event ever in the history of SBS in terms of viewership, user sentiment, and engagement.

When faced with huge uncertainty, we banded together, pivoted when needed, and achieved our goals. It’s not just that we got there, but how we go there that I’m most proud of.

5.       If you had one thing to say to our audience…

We are always working and listening. So please, let us know how we can improve our products because we want them to be the very best for you to enjoy.  


" SBS encourages you to be better, not just a productive employee. "