Digital Careers at SBS – Behind the scenes of the SBS Digital Creative Labs

Find out more about this unique SBS team working accross the web, VR and TV with an interview of John-Paul Marin, manager of the Digital creative Labs


Have you always worked in this space?

Apart from a few years in my late teens and early 20’s, where I was discovering what I wanted to dedicate myself to then yes.

How did you get to where you are now?

I came into the broad digital industry in the late 90’s through a fairly technical doorway – which was providing technical customer support for one of Australia’s first internet service providers. This led me toward a path of learning how to build web-based applications through code, which I ended up teaching myself and applying for 3 years.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

The freedom to explore and seek out ways in which we can create a positive difference in our society utilising storytelling and creative uses of technology.

Share something interesting about your team

Despite working at the frontiers of emerging digital technology we are one of the longest serving teams in the organisation. Our accumulated year of service is 36 years!

How can people find out more about the work that you do?

You can find all our projects on in the “Interactive Section”

Can you share the challenges your team face?

The main one is the rate of speed that technology evolves!

#TheresAReason people work at SBS – what’s yours?

I’m a believer that as a public broadcaster we should be working hard to constantly evolve how we connect with our audiences and how we create platforms and experiences that give the community ways to express themselves to each other the rest of the world. That the Digital Creative Labs can facilitate this is the reason I work at SBS.

You are currently looking for a Creative Developer. What are you looking for in this role?

Passion and curiosity, technical aptitude and a collaborative spirit. Someone who wants to be a part of something meaningful and likes to have fun whilst doing it.

How does this role contribute to SBS’ purpose / vision / etc.

Given we’re a team driven to innovate means we’re inherently bold in our ambitions to serve our audience. Everything we do and the way we go about doing it has the broader community at its heart. Put simply we live SBS’s purpose which is to strengthen the connective fibres within our society.

What’s would be an advice for aspiring creative developers?

Be bold and think big about the way in which technology can play a part in challenging and surprising audiences and how it can contribute to the art of storytelling and elicit constructive emotional responses from people. Look for the humanity in how you apply yourself and your ideas to a challenge or an opportunity.

" Be bold and think big about the way in which technology can play a part in challenging and surprising audiences"