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With a content portfolio like no other media organisation in the country, SBS occupies multiple channels and platforms, and provides a unique opportunity for employees to help make Australia a better place to live.

Video Editor

SBS is one of the most unique media organisations in the world today. A media network for all Australians, we have a strong mandate to support, celebrate and appreciate the diversity of Australia’s multicultural society. Our purpose is to inspire social cohesion. SBS is an increasingly important voice in mainstream media that helps bring people together through the power of high-quality and engaging storytelling.

SBS Life ( believes in the power of personal storytelling to bring people closer together. Through a combination of features, opinion and memoir-style articles, we are committed to raising the voices of people from marginalised backgrounds, and are interested in exploring the intersection of identity, culture and sexuality.

We are a website that supports SBS programs by tackling the themes of Commissioned Content in more depth, eg, how to raise gifted children (Child Genius), how to tackle homelessness (Filthy Rich and Homeless), and how sexism uniquely affects women from minority backgrounds (Is Australia Sexist?).

About the role

We are seeking a part-time online video editor to join the SBS Life team in 2019. This a 3-day/week role with the opportunity to choose your days.

You will work in close collaboration with the SBS Life team and help create short, engaging video content designed for high impact on social media.

About you

  • You will be full of ideas, and able to work within a team.
  • You will have a good understanding of what makes an engaging social video
  • Ideally you will have a nose for news and be able to identify that line, that moment, that will get people into your story.
  • An understanding of the unique challenges facing people from marginalised communities in Australia (and bonus points if you already have an array of community contacts).
  • Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and excellent attention to detail are a must.

This is a great opportunity to work for Australia’s multicultural broadcaster and be part of an organisation dedicated to making a positive social difference. Please note: this role does not include scope for long-form documentaries and is strictly for publishing video content online, rather than TV broadcast.

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