Inclusion creates better outcomes for everyone


Be more of yourself

Have you ever worked somewhere you couldn’t be yourself? Ever felt like you had to check part of yourself at the door before starting your day? A study by Deloitte found that a significant percentage of us spend time and energy ‘covering’ our authentic selves from others for fear of judgement or not fitting in.

At SBS, we’re not interested in whether or not you ‘fit in’. Fitting in means changing yourself to match your environment. We want you to bring your uniqueness, your experiences, your perspective. We want you to BE the difference and help us continue to innovate, to push boundaries and deliver distinctive stories and perspectives to our audiences that are unmatched.

Inclusion makes sense for people

For people to reach their true potential, they must first feel free to live and work as their authentic selves. An inclusive workplace encourages this, by fostering an environment where individuals are empowered to speak up, contribute their ideas, have equal opportunity to succeed, and pursue a career free of limitations. Inclusive workplaces support a more engaged team and productive space for people to work and as a result, these workplaces perform better than their less inclusive counterparts.

“A study by the Diversity Council of Australia found employees in inclusive workplaces are 19 times more likely to be satisfied with their job”

Inclusion makes sense for business

Inclusion fuels innovation, enabling new and better ways of working by considering things from as many perspectives as possible, and bringing people together in a way that supports them to pursue their best. Whether or not a business is seen to be inclusive will impact how desirable they are as a prospective employer. Simply put, businesses seeking to attract the best talent in the market need to ensure they foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. If they want to retain their most talented employees, they need to ensure the product matches the packaging.

Inclusion makes sense for Australia

SBS commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the economic dividend from raising the level of social inclusion in Australia. It turns out that the benefit to Australia of increased social inclusion across society comes in at a whopping $12.8 billion per year to the economy. This enormous benefit is the result of increased productivity, employment and health outcomes.

At SBS, it’s who we are and why we exist

We never stand still in our pursuit of greater inclusion – as an organisation, an employer, and a broadcaster creating content for Australians. Diversity has always been at the heart of SBS, providing multilingual, multicultural and Indigenous television, radio and digital media services to Australians. We’re proud of the job we do and of our diverse workforce and inclusive culture which underpins our ability to serve our audiences. It doesn’t stop at our front doors though, SBS is also proud to work with our partners in the production sector to build capabilities and talent pipelines throughout the industry, ensuring all Australians can recognise themselves and their communities on our screens.

To find out more about our commitment inclusion, take a look at
our three year Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Strategy.